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Paper, Glue, and Bamboo

October 2, 2009 @ 4:53 AM | Permalink

On Monday, Lao will celebrate Bun Awk Phansa, which marks the end of Buddhist lent, coinciding with the rainy season.  Townspeople and monks alike have spent the week preparing for the festival, by making paper lanterns and "fire boats" which will be paraded down the street, and represent each village in the city.  

Below, monks and novices from Vat Mai labor over the delicate creations.



Posted on 10/15/2009 by

danielle hayes

danielle hayes

lovely colors!

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Gabe, When I see you next, can we drink beer with ice, and can we line dance, the whole time twirling our hands? I miss you very much. Love, Mafalda

Mafalda Marrocco on One BeerLao, Please. With Ice. 2009-09-02

This is so cool. You are the greatest. Keep up the good work . The world needs more people like you. Enjoy your journey. Julie Nguyen, Potomac, MD

Julie Nguyen on One BeerLao, Please. With Ice. 2009-09-04

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