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Lao Medical Advice

December 9, 2009 @ 4:29 AM | Permalink

The Lao have interesting beliefs about how certain actions will affect your health and well being.  Some examples I've heard:

Eating burnt bread will give you cancer. 

Drinking cold water will give you a sore throat. 

Wearing long sleeves in the heat will actually keep you cooler. 

Drinking beer is a good cure for headaches. 

Mixing bark/roots/herbs with Lao whisky is good for the back.

Bathing a baby in cold water 3 times a day for its first 3 months will make it stronger. 

After a woman gives birth, she must sit by a fire for a month to absorb extra blood produced with pregnancy.

A sign you have worms is if you making chewing actions with your mouth when you sleep. 

Consuming too much cooking oil will cause a sore throat. 

Drinking too much beer will give you ear aches. 

Too much sex will turn you yellow and thin.  

Fruit is fattening.  As is water. 

Room-temperature beer makes you drunk faster.  

The loss of semen will make you weak.  (And the gain will make you stronger.) 

Urinating on a tree which has a spirit inside of it can give you malaria. 

You can rid yourself of a headache by hitting yourself in the head. 

Drinking too much cold beer can give you the flu. 

Eating chocolate will cause acne.  


Posted on 12/15/2009 by

Michelle Saltis

Michelle Saltis

This made me smile! It is so interesting to see the beliefs of other cultures. I wonder how one actually drinks beer there, it seems that it must be a tricky process or one can end up quite sick! And fruit being fattening? What is the food of choice to maintain a healthy diet then?

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Gabe, When I see you next, can we drink beer with ice, and can we line dance, the whole time twirling our hands? I miss you very much. Love, Mafalda

Mafalda Marrocco on One BeerLao, Please. With Ice. 2009-09-02

This is so cool. You are the greatest. Keep up the good work . The world needs more people like you. Enjoy your journey. Julie Nguyen, Potomac, MD

Julie Nguyen on One BeerLao, Please. With Ice. 2009-09-04

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