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Knitting Factory - Ulaanbaatar

October 25, 2009 @ 5:24 AM | Permalink

Across the steppes of Mongolia graze the bearers of one of the cuddliest fibers known to man: cashmere.  As Mongolia is the second largest producer of cashmere, second to China, the UB streets are stocked with the softest scarves, sweaters, shawls and socks.  I recently took a tour of the Goyo factory, a major Mongolian cashmere, camel and yak wool processing company.  Here's a glimpse of my tour.


A bin of raw camel wool.

The sorting room where the raw wools are sorted prior to the scouring, washing and drying processes.

After thin flats of fiber are twisted into thread the lines of thread are then rolled onto spools.  A portion of the spools are sold as a finished product, but Goyo also uses the thread to produce their own wool garments in another section of the factory.

A number woven designs are mass produced using these German machines, networked to a digital control room.  Scant employees are needed to manage the automated production, but Goyo employs over 580 workers and several hundred manually knit and sew the more intricate or the lesser made designs.

A finished cashmere scarf ready for Goyo's retail shelves..


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