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To the Hills: Simple Pleasures

June 9, 2010 @ 1:48 AM | Permalink

Last week on our sojourn in Himachal, my friends and I took a ride to Rohtang Pass where, at 12,000 ft above sea level, the slopes of the mountains are coated in slabs of wet snow - the kind that's perfect for packing hard, ruthless snowballs or, if you're an Indian honeymooner, for skimming down the hill on an innertube with your sweetheart. 

All of a sudden, as my friends and I dismounted the yaks who had kindly posed with us for a souvenir photo, the throngs of Indian tourists on the pass let out a cheer. "Did someone just score?"  I thought, imagining incongruously that perhaps there was a cricket match in progress and that the news of an Indian victory had whipped through the crowd.

But no, there was no cricket match. The crowd was cheering for the snow that had begun gently falling.  

My American friend and I exchanged amused smiles and laughed out loud.  The magic of a first snowfall - you can't beat such innocent pleasure.

Thank you, India, for that reminder.


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