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To the Hills: Escaping Delhi's Heat

June 9, 2010 @ 12:50 AM | Permalink

The summer heat in Delhi can be difficult to tolerate.  If you're not sweating like a pig, you're hopping from one air conditioned room to another.

Or you're escaping Delhi altogether, as I did last week, and heading for the highlands to the north.  Just a 16-hour, overnight bus ride (it's amazing how that starts to seem short in India) and you trade the heat and dust of the plains for the cool air and greenery of Himachal Pradesh, so called for the mighty Himalayan peaks that jut heavenward within the state's borders.

In addition to majestic scenery, Himachal offers a host of man-made activities to keep travelers entertained.  You can take a ski lift up a mountain, paraglide down the slope, or the stout-of-heart can, if they prefer, roll down the hill in a gigantic plastic ball (see zorbing).

There's trekking and biking and pony rides at every turn.  You can even try your hand at riding a yak, if you prefer your beasts of burden to be short and shaggy with Lucifer-horns and the aura of a sage mountain spirit. 

Just look at all the fun to be had in Solong Valley:


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