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August 6, 2010 @ 5:13 PM | Permalink

 Piropos are the Mexican version of pick up lines they are defined as either white or red, white being friendly, red being vulgar. Learning to accept piropos as a daily life of a female in Mexico was something hard to do. Not only is the creepy guy at the bar telling me "my eyes are beautiful like the sky", so is the cute guy driving by with his friends. In Mexico this is actually a form of flattery, they let the women know when they find them attractive. In fact this can actually become an ego boost as time goes on and realizing this is just normal. I finally reached the point that on days when no one was shouting or the count was down from usual that this was a problem. 

-An American friend and I were walking down the street we decided to count the number of piropos yelled at each of us. I am brunette, and often mistaken for latina. She is blonde and blue eyed. The count for her nearly doubled mine. So even if this is the normal, blending in or not does account for how many times and how often females will have to deal with this form of flattery or whatever you may call it.




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