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Tamil Nadu, Southern India

May 1, 2010 @ 12:55 AM | Permalink

Culture: Southern India is like a time warp back to a Biblical setting. Nothing has helped me understand the Biblical setting more than my trip there, even a trip to Israel! I doubt there are any atheists there. The whole country is religious, radically religious! When we read Bible about stories of people suddenly going crazy and stoning someone, and it sounds unreal, just visit this place and you will understand. You will see Abraham with his sheep and Rachel carrying water and everyone either barefoot or in sandals. Flip flops are dress up shoes for most!
On poverty: the first time I saw a construction worker in bare feet I was deeply ashamed. I am a hard working carpenter in the USA but I don’t have to work in bare feet. The school girls in the photo may have to sleep on dirt floors at night, carry water from a well down the street and step across the open sewer on the way to school, but check out those flowers in their hair! Even in the midst of poverty their mothers will make sure they have clean clothes and flowers for their hair. Beautiful eh!







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Great post, Mark, but I was expecting more photos. Keep up the good work !

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