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Carpenters in India

December 28, 2010 @ 11:37 AM | Permalink

Carpenters in India
   The industrial revolution accomplished advantages for carpenters in most areas of the world. But there are some places where the work is done in amazing simple ways. Look at the carpenters on this project milling logs into boards for a roof framing project. First a load of logs was dropped into the shade and then in about 3 days these men without any electricity carved out fairly straight boards. First a paste line, same principle as a chalk line, is used to establish two lines which become the planed surfaces through much wielding of the axe. The axes or ads were sharpened by hand on a wheel nearby. When the boards were complete trusses were built and erected onto the block walls in the same manner that and crew of western carpenters would frame a roof.
  The first time I saw a construction worker in bare feet, I was both shocked and ashamed. I have been a carpenter for most of my adult life so I am familiar with hard work, but I have never had to work in bare feet. Actually my first winter of carpentry labor in 1972 was one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record in Utah and all I had was some cheap cowboy boots for work. My feet froze! I was quick to learn the essentials of proper clothes for working outside.


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Great post, Mark, but I was expecting more photos. Keep up the good work !

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