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Taco Stand Fatigue

February 13, 2009 @ 11:46 PM | Permalink

Written 5-1-08

i am such a slut.

(now before we all start laughing, taking offense, or general confusion, let me explain. also, i want to say that the term ´slut´ is really deroggative and demeans women who perhaps break from the mold of what people think women should be and act like, and is used overwhelmingly too often in conversation. but an intro like that just get´s people´s attention, which was what it was intended for. )

i am a taqueria slut. there are 3 taco stands within a 2-3 minute bike ride from my house. i go to see Amairani, my 14 year old grown-up mexican friend, at her taco stand when she´s there, i go to the one nearest to my house when i´m running late for work, and another, because the main guy there´s name is Modesto (Modesty in english) , the GREATEST name in the history of names. he also knows my name, and everytime i bike, walk, or generally saunter by, he always says hello. it´s becoming quite difficult juggling these taco stands without letting them know i´m cheating on the with another stand. it does, however, make me feel very devious at times.

and yes, as i mentioned, i have a bike. the bike of all bikes. his name-

because my bike really is a dude. it´s lime green, with light blue polka dots, presumably hiding rust spots. i bought it off my friend Chai (pronounced Chey, an asian-australian girl) for 500 pesos, and i´ll tell ya, that bike can move. i ride it every day a couple of kilometers down to the beach and back for work. it´s an all-terrain piece of shit that for some reason has held together...it´s a good bike, and i´ve become quite fond of him.

Riding a bike in Mexico is a lot like playing Russian Roulette. In the end, you just kinda close your eyes and hope you don´t die. it´s been an interesting trip, learning the ins and outs of the car-bike relationship in Mexico. the bumper sticker "Be Kind To Bicyclists" circling around Austin right now has a whole new meaning.

i have also developed a bad habit. in Tulum, the stars here are unbelieveable. it´s unlike anything i have ever seen, and they light up the sky, with or without the moon. my bad habit is to stare up and become mesmorized by them when i´m walking or riding my bicycle. it creates a potential hazzard, as i´m usually walking-biking down the side of highway 307 trying to get home. again, Russian Roulette is a bitch.

i´m sure you´re all wondering what taco stand i´ll end up with in the morning. that´s my own damn business, pervert.


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Great Story...I really got the feel of being there with you. More pictures, please!

Jamie Holan on A Nice Welcome Home 2009-04-15

AAAAHHHH the Caribbean....I'm ready to go back NOW. Thanks for the deep breath and pause in my hectic day

Jamie Holan on A Story for the Morning 2009-04-15

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