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Street Party

October 26, 2009 @ 11:33 AM | Permalink

 The response to the police raid on the street party in old Nicosia: have another street party.  

People gathering on the steps of Phaneromenoi school . . . 

The music was set under the church tower. 

Graffiti made for the occasion (on boards and blankets, not on the square -- this was to be clear, no provocation for the police tonight.)

Like any good Cyprus gathering, there were grandfathers and babies, teenagers and some of their parents -- but what really felt different about this night was the presence of old city residents, foreigners, immigrants; Cypriots dancing with Bangladeshis, with kids from China and India, with students from Africa.  A woman sold samosas and rice from a cart on the side.  These groups have rarely mixed in the time I've been here, at least not so openly, so publicly.  The segregation of the city here is stark, block by block, but Phaneromenoi Square felt a little more open, if only for one night.  The boiling Greek punk music helped get everyone dancing, I think:


At around midnight, it was clear that some people were waiting around to see whether the police would make an appearance; some worried that they were planning to show up in street clothes, looking for something to incite.  Midnight passed, then 12.30 . . . a peaceful night, in the end.  


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