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Relocation: Polis.

July 21, 2009 @ 2:28 PM | Permalink

 There are "crowds" in Cyprus; not in the sense of lots of people in one spot (ever, really); but a crowd that might haunt one cafe in the afternoon, then all pack up for the same bar later at night, repeating the pattern the next day.  When I went camping this weekend in Polis, a site popular with Greek Cypriots, I should not have been surprised to see some of the same "crowds" from my Nicosia wanderings.  Nicosians flocked there to escape the heat, sit under the shade of eucalpytus trees, and swim in the sea.

The Polis campsite is an escape from the city, but not such a rugged one; as with any Cypriot day, you can while it away with a frappe from the beach bar, and many people camped out of their cars.  It also seemed at times like a place to be seen, and the rasta-dreds-and-tattoos fashion popular in Cyprus was out in full force: 

Of course, not everyone takes camping as a fashion statement.  Or, at least not everyone's camping fashions are in fashion.

I spent my few days at the oasis swimming in the sea, trying not to burn-while-basking in the serious sun, running into people I knew from the city, and eating fish mezze from nearby restaurants.  The sunset was a spectacle, literally; the campsite gathered to watch it like a film as it descended.  We had a perfect view from this Westernmost tip of the island.

On Saturday night, once the sun had dropped (almost mercifully, because campers no longer had to seek shade), I heard this buzz going around the camp: psytrance.  A psychedelic trance party was planned on the beach, and so the nouveau-rastas, the fire dancers, and my friends and I I gyrated on the sand to the hypnotic electronic beats of this music.  I looked up now and then to see the thousands of stars coming out, and it was easy to catch a shooting one now and then.  Psychedelic, certainly.





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