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Wedding Traffic

July 15, 2009 @ 7:10 AM | Permalink

I recently came back to Cyprus after being off the island for a little while, not an uncommon practice for Cypriots -- especially in the 100 - 105 F summer heat.  I've been told that "no one is in Nicosia" as it gets closer to August, and I guess I thought this was an exaggeration.  But since I've come back I've seen a handful of my Cypriot friends take off for a month or so at a time, leaving me to wonder, basically, how I am going to get to the beach.  (Did I mention, it feels extremely hot here?)

One of my friends who remained in Cyprus (although she has since left!) had a dance performance the other night, and I piled into the car with some of her friends to go see the show.  The theatre was supposed to be a half an hour drive away, but as soon as we got onto the highway, we could see we weren't going to get very far.  Bumper to bumper traffic, as far as the eye could see into the pink, sun-hazed horizon. 

"But this is such a small city," I said.  "Why . . ."  This was a rhetorical question I guess; I knew the answer from living here about 7 months now.

"But we Cypriot families each have like 3 cars," one of my car companions filled in anyway.  "One for the mamma, one for the papa, one for the grown son, and they are all going out . . "

"No, tonight is different!"  another girl said.  "Tonight is wedding traffic."

We looked out the window, and it was true; most of the people stuck in the jam were dressed for an occasion.  One wedding in Cyprus had enough guests to jam up a highway for hours.  It's the same village mentality of inviting everyone to the party, one of the girls said.  Only the village is a city and everyone takes their own car.

Well, there are some people left in Nicosia.  I probably saw all of them on the road.  



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