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The Edge, and Hoofed Orphans

April 28, 2009 @ 3:30 PM | Permalink

Views from the Northeastern tip of Cyprus, the tail of the sting-ray (or flying squirrel, whichever you think the island looks more like):


Yes, that last picture is of a pair of wild donkeys.  There are a considerable number of them wandering the rugged North Karpaz Peninsula area, the arm of Cyprus that reaches out towards Asia.  These aren't some endemic ancestor of the common donkey, however (which was a major form of Cypriot transportation up until the 1950's, when they were replaced by pick-up trucks).  No, these donkeys too are children of the Cyprus war, let loose during conflict in the 1970's to fend for themselves, establishing their own isolated donkey colony in the remote North.  This might explain how cranky these two were as our car drove by (honking, stamping, running).  But maybe that's just donkeys.



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