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Long Thursday night walk home, and the pressure was building up, the kind you're desperate to unload over the bridge, ... read more

28 Mar 2009


Agnes' Story

"It was in the morning, very early, and we heard a loud bang at the door. We woke up only ... read more

28 Mar 2009


Political Protest in Cairo

I'd never seen more police in one place. Swarms of them, perhaps the entire 4,000+ unit employed by the Egyptian ... read more

28 Mar 2009


On Faith

Centuries of bloodshed because of this--a tiny sliver of ugly, parched earth in a petty corner of the planet that, ... read more

28 Mar 2009


The Love, the Lesson and the Leper (1 Comment)

The twelve passenger van screeched to a halt in front of the soccer stadium, sending a cloud of red dust ... read more

28 Mar 2009


An Unorthodox Ride Home

I don't think they could tell how annoyed I was. The car speakers blared Hotel California yet again, reminding me ... read more

26 Mar 2009

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Having just returned from Uganda, living in Kampala and Mbarara I can't agree more with this article's portrayal of contrasting cultures and the realities of chance. People get sick all ...

Kate Stanley on The Love, the Lesson and the Leper 2010-01-31

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