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Solar Energy - A Warm Idea

“Now that I have a light in my reception room I can deliver babies at night,” said the midwife of a tiny coastal village in southwest Madagascar. Before she received the solar-charged electric light, she had used candles but the insufficient light led her to stop delivering after dark.  The ... read more

Andrew March


Speaking Culture, More than Just A Language

Suppose I told you that I had a revolutionary idea that will allow you to write sustainably, save the planet, and save money all at the same time.  This project, very simply implemented, will replace your current setup of Word 2010.  Then I hand you a quill and inkwell.  I ... read more

Andrew March


Artisan Beer in Argentina

It was only around 30 years ago that one of Argentina’s bigger industries developed quietly along the relaxed and sun soaked slopes on the Eastern edge of the Andes mountains. It started small but this new industry of wine grew to a point in which today, it is enjoyed ... read more

Brian Funk


River Plate the Fall of an Empire

The news of River Plate soccer club´s descent for the first time in the club´s history from Argentina´s A division shocked the country and the soccer world in general when the team lost the tie breaker game with a team from the B division Belgrando from Cordoba ... read more

Brian Funk


I Have Been Other Places

Welcome to my small corner of the universe. There are three things that I love: art, life and travel. The first two, being art and life, are not very different from each other. Sometimes, I think they are the same thing constantly mirroring each other. Which bring us to travel ... read more

Vanessa Glenda Garcia


The Advantages of a Revealing Swimsuit

  When I ordered it online, I giggled. I mean, the model was super busty, and the top went down darn near her belly button. But it was only $11, and I needed a one piece. And besides... surely, it wouldn't look quite that revealing on me. I mean, I ... read more

Valarie Harger


Carpenters in India

Carpenters in India    The industrial revolution accomplished advantages for carpenters in most areas of the world. But there are some places where the work is done in amazing simple ways. Look at the carpenters on this project milling logs into boards for a roof framing project. First a load of ... read more

Mark Anderson

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

United StatesUnited States

My Moral Hazard

"Your best bet may be to just go uninsured." I sat in disbelief. Is this really what it had come to? I thanked the insurance salesman and pressed “End” on the Skype call.  He had just informed me that it will take three months to get me onto Medicaid or ... read more

Anjali Nirmalan

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

How to Slay a Dragon - and other lessons the English have cast off

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Anjali Nirmalan

Costa RicaCosta Rica

Costa Rican Christmas

I had some anxiety about spending my holidays away from my family this year. It's the first time I've not had Christmas with all my sisters, nieces and nephews, etc. I worried about the separation, and I also worried about the gift situation here.   Do I buy presents ... read more

Valarie Harger

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