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KEMA00: The Experiment

Kvave. Syre. Col. Fosfor. Selen. Vate. Brom. Volfram. And my favorite: Kviksilver. As I like awake in bed at night, the litany of names in the Periodiska Sytemet marches through my brain. Crom. Vanadin. Järn. Zirkronium… and all of a sudden I realize I am in for the challenge of ... read more

Arielle Little

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Avoid the Kipper, Stick with the Meatballs

Anders Kelto

03 Feb 2009


Anders Kelto



For some reason, Swedish people really like eating fish out of a can. While this might increase your tolerance for canned foods once you return to the States, it's generally not a good idea. So heed this advice: avoid the kipper, the herring, and the anchovies, and stick with good old fashioned Swedish meatballs. There's a reason they're famous, and the canned fish is not.

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