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Sudan: An International Arrest Warrant Issued for the Apprehension of President Omar Hasan El-Bashir

For the first time in history a landmark International Arrest Warrant has been issued for the apprehension of Sudanese President, Omar Hasan El-Bashir; a victory for international justice and a twist on the clouded perception of Head of State Immunity. Widely duped to be responsible of the atrocities committed against ... read more

Binneh Minteh


Sudan: The Internatonal Criminal Court Will Pursue President Omar Hassan al-Bashir

For the first time in history an International Tribunal will pursue a sitting Head of State for Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity; a land mark twist from the international doctrine of Immunity from Prosecution for sitting Head of States. Such a bold move will constitute what many international ... read more

Binneh Minteh

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