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Dresden presentation went very well

I am meant to work with people. To teach, but not necessarily in a classroom. To make a difference in whatever way I can. Last week, I went to Dresden to attend my M.A. graduation. In addition, my colleague and I gave a talk about "Terminologiearbeit im Europäischen Parlament". I had ... read more

Devon Donohue-Bergeler



mission to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, other thoughts

The mission to Strasbourg allows me to continue my rollercoaster metaphor. Where should I begin… with the low point. That usually makes for good storytelling.   Because I wrote my thesis about excursions in a study abroad context, I somehow felt drawn to the task of organizing our mission, even ... read more

Devon Donohue-Bergeler


Luxembourg rollercoaster

I have mixed feelings about my five months here in Luxembourg. On the one hand, my husband is too far for even a "Wochenendbeziehung" (relationship on the weekends), my room is tiny, Luxembourg is cold and expensive and very automobile fixated, and my French still sucks... On the other hand, I ... read more

Devon Donohue-Bergeler

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