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Lesotho or Snow in Africa!?!?!?

The road from the capital of from the capital of Maseru to Semongkong, “The Place of Smoke,” is 120 kilometers long. 70 kilometers of that road is unpaved, swirling around hills, trudging up mountains and barreling down valleys. The road is impossible: where it is paved, it is more potholes ... read more

Mallory Primm

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Hike the path less traveled

Greg Alder

05 Dec 2009


Greg Alder



The country of Lesotho was built for hiking. Its mountains are the highest in Southern Africa, there are no fences, and foot paths tattoo the land between every possible destination. Basotho themselves hike to get from one village to the next. But there are some locals you don't want to run into -- you really don't want to run into a group of boys at initiation school. Each year at different times, groups of boys head up high in the mountains to be circumcised and learn to fight with sticks and generally become men. They don't want to be watched. Just ask periodically along the way if there's an initiation school nearby. In Sesotho it is: "Mophato o kae?" Otherwise, as I was once warned, "They'll take you and initiate you."

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