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  I have been positing a theory for awhile about littering and why it seems to me that people are more inclined in developing countries to litter.   Traveling through beautiful rural Clarendon, a Jamaican parish in the center part of the island I was reminded of my theories pertaining ... read more

Richard Sitler


Jamaica Respite

I have taken a break from my travels for a couple of weeks of respite in Jamaica. Not that my travels and work photographing Peace Corps volunteers has been unpleasant, but the travel has been difficult. Sometimes you just need to stay stationary for more than one week in a ... read more

Richard Sitler

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"Funny" in Jamaica isn't funny

Lily Girma

09 May 2009


Lily  Girma



Jamaicans have a great sense of humor. But no matter how much a guy makes you laugh, never say to him, "You're funny." I had a habit of saying this whenever my new Jamaican friend made me laugh. Then one day, he broke it to me gently: Remember to never say that to a Jamaican guy here, because "You're funny" can be interpreted as, "You're gay" in Jamaican-speak! So to play it safe, I should stick with, "You're hilarious." Who knew?

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