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Blue Collar Salute: Mr. Guatemalan Bus Conductor Man

February 3, 2010 I often say that I love traveling, but I hate to travel. With very few exceptions, I rarely enjoy the actual process of getting from Point A to Point B, whether it is by plane, car, boat, horse, my feet, etc. If I could, I would choose ... read more

Sophia Kwong


No Power Tools, No Hard Hats: Let’s Build a Kitchen

With my window wide open, the cool wind whips my hair.  The scent of grilled meat and roasted nuts drifts in from roadside vendors’ carts, and I can feel dust beginning to cake on my arms. Off in the distance, I see smoke rising and I can smell the burning ... read more

Natalie Hunt


Machete Fashion Trend

Written 3-2-08 Copan is a Mayan ruins site close to the Guatemala border, and along with it is a small town with the same name. although i thought i would only stay a day, i took 3 to kick back, relax, and enjoy. first day i hit up the ruins, ... read more

Rachel Holan


My Heart Will Go On

Written 1-2-08 a couple of days ago in Utila i lost my chicken. or maybe i just misplaced him. well, anyways, i had a chicken. we shared something really special. the sunrise. for some unknown reason this chicken would stand outside my door and cluck loudly until i woke up ... read more

Rachel Holan

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Map Moment

Logan Sullivan

25 Jul 2010


Logan Sullivan



"Map Moment" I've spent the last couple years try to coin this phrase. So far, I've had very little luck and I'd like to use this stage to once and for all let my definition be heard. Map Moment: The uniquely introspective instance when your present mind, and your simultaneous existential contemplation there of, abruptly results in a climactic, fleeting sensation of unadulterated freedom and joy at the recognition of your extraordinary fortune for being precisely where you stand in this very moment, as if your current situation was the direct manifestation of the vicarious thoughts you experienced the first time you referred to a world map to plot your current travels. *Common symptoms: Goosebumps, butterflies, unsolicited heel-clicking.

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