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Let's Start at the Beginning- Europe

 I figure that the most important thing you do in life is to experience it and a big part of that is travel.  Europe was my first trip abroad, and it gave me an excitement for learning about the world that I would have never gained from books, and I ... read more

Jessica Michael


Copenhagen - Travel and The First Days

To my lovely older sisters:  Mom and Dad better not find out about this page.     Before flying to Denmark I had planned to keep a daily blog.  I’ve planned out about six entries in my head so far, but I realized I just won’t have the time to ... read more

Devraj Kori







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My Third Published Book: The Global Balance of Power

Book Description The measurement of the global balance of power focuses on the paradigm shift from the United States post-September 11th, 2001 preemptive doctrine of unilateralism to one of partnerships and corporations in a modern multilateral order. Although the challenge to the unilateral doctrine brought to light new actors on ... read more

Binneh Minteh


Halloween in Tivoli.

Before I left for Norway, I made a little trip to Tivoli all by myself. Tivoli had been closed for a week, renovating the rides and decorating for Halloween, which lasts from the 9th until the 18th of October. I’ve been in Tivoli when they have their Christmas-theme before, but ... read more

Alexandra Redisch


Culture night in Copenhagen.

Kulturnat – or culture night in English, is an event that happens once every year in Copenhagen. You buy a pass for 85 dkk, that gives you free access to just about every museum, gallery and attraction the city has to offer, and it also includes transport! There are also ... read more

Alexandra Redisch


Restaurant Review: O's American Restaurant.

I came across this restaurant (situated near the Nyhavn-area, at the bottom of Gothersgade) when I was searching for a place to get some good milkshake in Copenhagen. Someone was raving about this American-style restaurant, called O’s American Restaurant, and said that the shakes were practically the cat’s pajamas. They ... read more

Alexandra Redisch


Copenhagen zoo: 150 year of imprisoning animals - is it all for the best?

Hello everyone! A couple of days ago I visited Copenhagen Zoo, which turns 150 years this year. The tickets were 130 dkk for an adult, and 70 dkk for a child. No student discounts, though, tut tut! But overall it was a pretty impressing place; they have lots of different animals  ... read more

Alexandra Redisch


Wonderful Copenhagen.

Hello everyone! I love to blog, I have several at the moment, but I thought it would be fun to have a blog just based on my experiences as a Norwegian exchange student here in Copenhagen. And, hopefully, an aspiring student will stumble across my blog on the web pages ... read more

Alexandra Redisch

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