Benoît’s Master Plan: Fatten Up The Foreigner

“Emily, would you fill the bottles, please?” I take the two glass carafes to the sink to fill them with water. It feels like a strange sort of dream, d ... read more

13 Mar 2008

Insider Tips



A crash course in Verlan

"Mais c'est reloud! La meuf a annulé la teuf. Je suis trop vénère." Even if you've taken French before, this sentence may be incomprehensible. Don't worry, you ... read more

23 Mar 2009


Registres de Langues: How to Be Really Impolite and Not Even Notice

In French, "registres de langue" are sets of synonyms that are selected in conversation based upon the status of the other person. If you're talking to a teacher, you ... read more

26 Mar 2009

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