Gunpowder Noise

The Woman Under The Stairs

23 Feb 2009

I used to call her The Woman With The Unhappy Face, but that was before she smiled at me. Now ... read more

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My Chinese Girlfriend Really Wants to Come to America

"Is there a 50-50 chance?" We are on the bus heading out to the country when Daisy, my Chinese girlfriend, asks me to set odds on the future of our ... read more

28 Jan 2009


The Strange Chinese Men Are Taking Away My Furniture

I am fixing oatmeal when I hear a man clearing his throat outside of my apartment. As I pour boiling water over my oats, a waft of unwelcome tobacco smoke ... read more

04 Feb 2009


Hello, My Name Is Run Basketball

In class 364, where I teach English to Chinese high school students, one of the first things my students must do is choose an English name. Most select something ordinary ... read more

11 Feb 2009

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