The Colors of Cairo

For this Fourth of July, why not take a dip in Nile?

6 Jul 2009

The contrast of my Fourth of July experiences this year and last year are striking; last year I waded through ... read more

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HOW TO: Walk Like An Egyptian

“Welcome to Egypt!” “Thank you.” “Please, come have some tea at my uncle’s perfume shop.” The next thing you know, you’re spending your afternoon smelling various fragrances, looking ... read more

09 Sep 2009


The Egyptian Camel Merchant Who Put Me To Work On His Farm

There’s a reason that Cairo’s camel market is left out of most tourist guides to Egypt. This is ... read more

01 Feb 2010

Insider Tips



Maps and Guides of Egypt

There's a wide selection of travel guides dedicated to the country. I personally used the Lonely Planet guide while I was in Egypt and it was very helpful. The ... read more

12 Feb 2010


The Hollywood of the Middle East

Egypt is the largest producer of Arabic films in the world, making Egyptian Arabic the most widely understood dialect among Arabic speakers. In downtown Cairo there seems to be a ... read more

12 Feb 2010
Getting Around


Exploring Cairo

Cairo is a city best seen on foot. Exploring the web of alleyways and side streets often leads to some of the city's best hidden gems. Don't be ... read more

12 Feb 2010


Here it's called Kurat el Qadem

In Cairo, it's all about El Ahly (ah-Ha-lee). Kurat el Qadem, as soccer is called in Arabic, is by far the most widely watched sport in Egypt. On nights ... read more

28 Feb 2010


Egyptian Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in Egypt is just as big as it is in the United States. The streets of Cairo are flooded with vendors selling stuffed animals, big red hearts ... read more

28 Feb 2010

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