HOW TO: Drink Beer In China

"With good friends, 1,000 glasses isn’t enough." – Chinese saying It’s Friday night, and you’re sitting with your new Chinese buddies in the neighborhood restaurant. There are ... read more

07 Jul 2009

Insider Tips

Being an American


Expect an alternate pricing system

Once, at the neighborhood market, I was looking at spinach. The seller held up five fingers to indicate the price. Following this, a local walked up and inquired about the ... read more

21 Jul 2009
Being an American


The locals don't hate you, even if they're staring

The boy had just rounded the corner when he saw me. Immediately, his eyes grew wide. “Laowai! Laowai!” (foreigner! foreigner!) he exclaimed. Moments later, they began to appear--men and women ... read more

21 Jul 2009

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