About Glimpse

Glimpse is a worldwide program powered by Matador and supported in part by the National Geographic Society. Glimpse connects young writers, journalists, photographers, and filmmakers with professional editors who help them develop their storytelling voice and media skills.

Misson Statement

Glimpse believes that independent travelers, particularly those who spend significant time abroad, have a unique and often overlooked opportunity to effect positive change around the world. This begins with bearing witness to place, people, culture, and especially the stories and struggles that might otherwise go unrecorded.

Our goal is to build a worldwide community of "Correspondents," travelers with strong creative visions for storytelling through words and images, and to provide them with a professional platform--including stipends, community support, and one-on-one editorial training--for publishing high-profile journalistic work based on their travels abroad.


Glimpse began as an undergraduate student initiative co-founded by Kerala Taylor and Nick Fitzhugh in 1999. Over the last decade it has evolved into an independent website that works in close collaboration with the National Geographic Society.

Ever since its founding in 2006, Matador has been a strong supporter and partner of Glimpse. In April 2010, Matador took ownership of Glimpse in an acquisition that allows Glimpse to reach a wider audience while still maintaining its original vision--to share stories from abroad that encourage readers to learn more about other cultures. 

Supporting Glimpse: Your donation helps up and coming journalists share stories that matter

Your gift goes a long way:

  • A $600 gift will support one Glimpse Correspondent
  • Four gifts of $250 keep all of Glimpse.org online for an entire month
  • A gift of $100 provides access for one month to services needed to continue finding the best Correspondents

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